What the Hell is Cum Town?

Cum Town is a dude podcast. And even its own hosts hate it.

A little background: Cum Town was started in 2017 by three comedian buddies, Nick Mullen, Stavros Halkias, and Adam Friedland. (I’m going to be completely honest with you. I know virtually nothing about these men, except that one of them is missing a front tooth. All of my research for this article involved questioning my 28-year-old boyfriend over breakfast and listening to some clips on YouTube. I never claimed to be a journalist!)

Boys freaking love this podcast.

They are not only keeping Cum Town alive, they are making the hosts ridiculously rich. Last I checked, in 2022 they make approximately $100k per month, just from Patreon. They must be getting paid well for ads, too, because according to my very reliable source (boyfriend), their recent episodes consist of 20 minutes of conversation and 40 minutes of rambling, borderline non-sensical advertisements for things like Delta 8 weed.

Which is why they can’t stop making Cum Town. Even though they are sick of it.

Maybe its the pressure of a gargantuan audience or the thought of finding professional success as a host of a podcast called Cum Town, but these guys do not care anymore. Apparently, they regularly record four episodes at a time, releasing them with little to no editing, so oftentimes, you will fall into the middle of a conversation that started two episodes ago. Work smarter, not harder, I guess?

Huh???? Screenshot via Spotify

Dare I judge someone else’s way of temporarily cooling down the bubbling hot, low-grade stress simmering behind all of our eyes?

Yeah, maybe a little. I think the uber dumb, juvenile comedy of Cum Town rubs my inner nerdy good girl the wrong way. Like, guys, when you come over after school, please do NOT talk like that in front of my mom!

Yeah, that’s right. I said it RELAXES ME. Image via youtube.com/empressASMR



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Christina Wolfgram

Christina Wolfgram

Sit-Down Comedian ✨ Mental Health Enthusiast