This Woman is Talking to Her Dead Grandpa On TikTok

I love mystical TikToks, especially if I don’t overthink them.

So it didn’t surprise me when @ brittanybento showed up in my morning scroll, holding two copper dowsing rods and calling upon her deceased grandpa, who she calls Vovô. (If you’re unfamiliar, dowsing rods are tools people use to connect with spirits (or God or their subconscious or Flying Spaghetti Monster) through yes or no questions, sort of like the top of a Ouiji board or a pendulum.)

“Is the afterlife scary?”

Brittany takes questions from her comment section, and has asked Vovô about religion, reincarnation, and about reuniting with pets after death (the news was good). You know, the kind of questions that could keep a person up at night.

We should talk more about death!

When a family member of mine died a few years ago, I got obsessed with the Death Positive Movement, which opens the floor to people who don’t think talking about death should be considered morbid or taboo. In starting conversations about death the same way we do when it comes to other factors of life, the whole affair could become slightly less scary and mysterious. After watching every single one of Caitlin Doughty’s educational videos about the funeral industry, I’d rather talk about death than I would about taxes ANY DAY.



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Christina Wolfgram

Christina Wolfgram

Sit-Down Comedian ✨ Mental Health Enthusiast